UX Audit

A UX Audit aims to get a global overview of the User Experience (UX) of a website, app or prototype. The UX Audit is carried out by experienced UX professionals.

In contrast to Consumer Needs Research, Concept Research, Prototype Research or Usability Resarch, UX Audit often does not include testing with customers and/or testers.

  • Conducted by experienced UX Researchers
  • Average turnaround time of 5 - 10 working days
  • Remote research means affordable rates (starting from € 995,- per study).
Data triangulation

A combination of data points form the basis of a UX Audit.

Heuristic Evaluation

The website or app will be assessed with the use of a predefined list of usability heuristics.

Extensive Research Report

Gain access to all user tests or interviews and work with our research report.

How are UX Audits conducted?

A UX Audit starts with gaining access to a wide range of data points. These can include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, Hotjar and customer support tickets. 

The process for a UX Audit can be divided into three phases. 

1 - Research Preparation
In an introductory meeting, the research objectives are discussed and advice is given on the research design and methodology. After approval of the quotation, the kick-off is scheduled. During the kick-off, the research questions are formalised. 

2 - Research Execution
The different data sources are analysed, after which a heuristic evaluation takes place. The website, app or prototype will be tested against a broad set of usability heuristics. 

3 - Analysis and reporting
The insights from the UX Audit are summarised in an extensive research report and explained in an evaluation with the UX researchers who performed the audit. 

Typical research questions


To what extent does the website or prototype satisfy conventional usability heuristics?


To what extent does the website or app adhere to the leading conventions in the market?

Business goals

To what extent does the website or prototype enable the company to achieve its business goals?

User goals

To what extent does the website or prototype enable the user to achieve its goal?

What are the deliverables?

The deliverables of Usability Research are threefold. 

Access to all sessions and research notes
Research notes are made available via the dashboard. An unlimited number of users can be invited, so everyone in the organisation can gain access to it if required. 

Research report
All insights are presented in an extensive research report. The reports provides an issue of all insights, as well as a measure of frequency so that it becomes clear which insights should be regardeded as priority. 

Curious to see what a research report looks like?
Download example research report.

Discuss your research objectives

Schedule a meeting with one of our UX Researchers to discuss your research objectives. If you are interested in our services, we provide you with a tailored research proposal the same day.